On our previous blog post, we talked about how to get started with offshore outsourcing. It is also very important for you to know the common challenges companies experience in outsourcing and the usual mistakes they make when they outsource. This is so you can avoid these challenges and get the best experience in offshore outsourcing.


Outsourcing your Core Business Function

Yes, the more functions you outsource, the bigger the cost savings. However, you need to understand that not all tasks should be handed over to your offshore team. Identify your core business functions and do not hand this over. You need to have full control of your business and should be able to study and evaluate your business framework. Critical processes should remain in-house and under your full control and supervision.

Poor Communication

Successful offshore outsourcing is founded on constant and effective communications. When you outsource, you should have a point person assigned to serve as bridge between your business and your offshore team. Moreover, multiple communication channels should be set for a more effective communication.

Not Quantifying Deliverables

It is important that deliverables are set and specified and deadlines are communicated. Reasonable amounts of tasks must be assigned and performance constantly checked. You need to figure out how long a task is usually done in-house so you will know when the time-frame you’ve set is realistic.


Not Getting Ideas and Feedback

One common mistake among business owners is not encouraging the sharing of ideas nor getting feedback from their offshore team. Oftentimes, they already have ideas on how to improve the processes after a few weeks of working on your jobs. Your offshore team can be one of your business’ most important assets as they can bring amazing ideas to the table. You just need to be open about it by asking and openly listening.


We hope that this list will serve as a guide for you to avoid the same mistakes and to properly navigate in the world of offshore outsourcing. We are confident that you will have a great experience, especially when you partner with ProcessCorp. Here in ProcessCorp, we help businesses achieve their corporate goals and help them prosper and grow. Talk to us today and let us know what you need.