The covid-19 pandemic has halted the face-to-face transactions and has totally taken a toll on any business and big or small corporations.  People have been coping ever since on ways to keep the business alive. Although almost all the businesses today have taken a turn to digital marketing but this is just half the battle.

In any business today, digital marketing is one of the back bone in any successful business. With the rise of technology and the influence through social media, digital marketing has been the turning point in any business. Social media platforms have played a crucial part in advertisement and influence. Is digital marketing the new normal?



The competition for traffic becomes even greater as more business enter the online market place. Smaller brands face many challenges against powerhouses like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Digital marketing is critical in building brand recognition. Creating a search engine optimization website and incudes an active social media presence is a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to start with. While many small companies focus on organic marketing efforts like social media and traditional outreach, paid media is becoming more important in the fight for customer attention online. This includes social media ads and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and falls under the term search engine marketing (SEM).



It is very important to first come up with an overall campaign strategy before starting creating content for organic search and setting up Ads and other paid media.



These are metrics used to define the success of a campaign. This can include anything from page views to new subscribers and more. It is important to establish which metrics matter most to a campaign before you start planning since they will help in developing the strategy.


It is given that you provide top-quality products and service, but without brand recognition, you can easily lose sale to more established competitors. Building trust through awareness campaigns and testimonials can help establish a strong reputation as customers buy from brands they trust. Impression and views is more important than clicks and conversions, although both are welcome. Don’t get caught up in the lack of sales just yet as the early stages of marketing are all about getting your product or service in front of as many people as possible.


If you operate in a specific geographic region and provide service within, for example, landscaping, plumbers, and the like, be sure to target those areas to reach people nearby. Make sure to target localized keywords and audiences.


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Social media presence is a major component of digital marketing. Picking the right platform and which network makes the most of sense of your brand is important rather than having presence on every platform. Identify where your target audience is most active. Aside from posting updates on regular basis, engage with people and relevant accounts and start creating a community. Once you establish a strong base then you can start experimenting with promoted posts and social media advertising.


Outsourcing is crucial of you have an established company already that gives you more what you provide. Outsourcing in Australia has been consistently high amidst the pandemic along with offshore outsourcing. This will definitely expand you horizon and reach global recognition if done properly.



An employee with digital marketing experience and skills is what a company should have today and should be looking for. If you don’t want to left behind, especially at times like this, it is imperative for companies to master digital marketing and advertising as the market shifts every now and then. Advertising is costly as you need to test different options and identify which works and what doesn’t. It is a good idea to brush up on digital marketing tactics to build a foundation for success first as competition for keywords are at a low due to the economic flux and so are company budgets.



Some industries are suffering more than others and here are some examples:

Retail – business in retail has been forced to close their physical stores as countries around the world mandates lockdown. Maintaining supply chain networks will also cause difficulties are large numbers of retailers depend on imports.

Manufacturing – the cease of operations due to restrictions on group gatherings. Decrease in demands means decline in sales.

Construction – expansions from companies are currently happening and will continue to happen as the pandemic continues. Supply parts from China will certainly be disrupted so smaller companies may experience large layoffs.

Hospitality and Tourism – for preventive measure, restaurants are mandated to only offer takeout options, along with that are global travel bans coupled with social distancing mean that maintaining revenue streams and avoiding layoffs will become even harder for the hospitality industry.


Companies today need to cope with the regular changing trend in promotions and advertising. Relying on companies who are experienced not only on digital marketing but on other aspects as well Offshore Outsourcing, SEO, Graphic Design, Social Media Management and many others, will give you a boost in times like this. A company like Processcorp will surely give you the best service they can offer along with utmost professionalism and expertise.