Finding the perfect outsourcing partner is a crucial step in your offshore outsourcing journey. You will need to find a company that will perfectly match your business needs and structure.  There are various factors that you will need to evaluate before deciding on a service provider.


Scope of Work

What are your desired outcomes and how do you need them done? Before handing over your business’ functions, you must have a clear process of how it should be done. This process document will be the basis of your offshore work. The best results come from clear and specific process documentation.

At ProcessCorp, we help you come up with a clear process document by understanding your business. We immerse ourselves in your business and help you transition.

Transition Support

It is important that the outsourcing partner has a transition support in place to help you with the changeover. Handing over some work offshore is a major leap in your business and you need to make sure that you eliminate problems along the way.

Transition support is something we love doing to our clients at ProcessCorp. We will hold your hand and guide you to the wonderful world of offshore outsourcing.

Clear and Reasonable Fees

We now know how the cost effectiveness of offshore outsourcing can greatly help your business. Before settling with an outsourcing partner,  make sure the fees and charges have already been properly communicated. Do a little research on where the company is located. When they are in major cities, their fees are usually much higher than those in smaller cities.

Trial Period

It would be great if you can trial the outsourcing services for a few weeks before you commit on a long-term agreement. A good outsourcing partner will not hesitate to offer you this.

To give our clients a glimpse of the many opportunities and benefits of outsourcing, ProcessCorp usually offers them a two-week free trial period.


Your service provider must be able to adapt to and serve your requirements. They must be available whenever you need them and be able to serve you in times of urgency or during swift management changes.


In choosing the perfect outsourcing partner, find out who the company’s current and previous clients are, what industries they serve, and what their industry reputation is.




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