What is Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing is a practice in which a business exports some of its business functions to other countries. Companies outsource for a variety of reasons but it is usually due to financial restrictions or to take advantage of lower labor costs.

Businesses, regardless of size, can greatly benefit from outsourcing; however, it is more beneficial to startups and small and medium businesses where financial capital is often limited. By handing over some of their business functions and activities, business owners can focus on core competencies and free themselves up for the more important aspects of the business.


Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

While saving money is the core benefit of offshore outsourcing, there are heaps of other benefits:

  • Get proficient, dynamic, service-oriented staff
  • Finding the right people for the job is vital, but when you find the right outsourcing partner, this is something that you don’t have to worry about. All the tedious recruitment and selection process will be handled for you.
  • Achieve increased earnings at lower labor and overhead costs
  • With outsourcing, productivity is guaranteed to improve without you having to shoulder the labor costs associated with it. In fact, you only have to pay at least 1/5 of your current labor costs to outsourced professionals.
  • Save on technologies and infrastructure
  • Because work is not done in-house, you get to save on the infrastructure needed to operate your business.
  • Things can get done round the clock
  • Need customer service round the clock? Easy. Your outsourced team will work based on your preferred working hours.
  • Happier and more productive in-house employees
  • Overworked employees are unhappy, unproductive employees. When you outsource some of your jobs, you free up your in-house staff and allow them to have a better work-life balance.

Outsourced jobs often include administrative and back office operations, bookkeeping, graphic design, web development, sales and marketing activities, and social media management, among others. Offshore outsourcing is works for all industries. Whatever industry your business is part of, you can easily take advantage of the many opportunities for growth and enhanced business performance that offshoring outsourcing brings.

offshore outsourcing

Determining which Functions to Outsource

Did you know that about half of the things you do every day can actually be done by someone else?

You can take the unnecessary load off your shoulders and focus on what matters more. When you spend more time on that new business idea and free yourself from all the dead weight, you are not wasting precious time.

So how will you decide which area of your business can be outsourced offshore? Well, you can determine this by answering the following questions:

  • Can it be done outside of the office?

Identify which tasks should be done in-house and which can be done outside of the office.  Those that don’t need to be done in-house can be easily delegated.

  • Does it require professional expertise?

Jobs like web development, search engine optimization, graphic design, etc., need technical know-how that you don’t necessarily need to learn yourself. When you outsource this, you will get efficient service and at very low costs when you do it offshore.

  • Is it time-consuming?

When a task is eating up a lot of your time, have it done by somebody else to free yourself up for more important work. This includes marketing database building, data entry tasks, email marketing, and transcription, among others.

  • Is it repetitive and boring?

When it’s repetitive and boring, it is not a core function of your business, and hence, can be handed over. Entrepreneurs and business owners need to be constantly excited to create and try something new.

  • Will it relieve and free up some time for your in-house staff?

Help improve your key staff’s mental health and well-being by delegating some of their tasks to your outsourced staff.



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