Marketing Support Services

Prospecting & Database Building

We help you identify potential customers and build a database for your email marketing and telemarketing efforts. Just let us know your target customers’ demographic, and qualities, and we will handle the rest.

EDM and Email Marketing

Need help in building a great and effective email marketing campaign? You came to the right place! We will assist you from conceptualization and design to the actual customer communication and email blasts.

Market Research

A good and effective market research will let you get a proper grasp of the needs and size of your target market. At ProcessCorp, we help you gather the relevant data that you need to come up with a brilliant marketing campaign strategies.

We know how keeping a competitive edge and profit growth can be a challenge today. Keeping a company’s customers and attracting new ones through engaging and effective marketing activities are vital for every company to stay afloat.

Great marketing strategies depend on good market data, which takes a lot of time to collect and analyse. This task do not need to fall on your or your marketing rockstar’s lap. This is a task that you can easily outsource.

Offshore marketing support services at ProcessCorp will not only lighten your work load but will also allow you to scale your business fast. Focus on your company’s core functions and hand over to us the rest of the heavy lifting.

Virtual Marketing Assistant

At times it feels like there are not enough hours in a day to do everything by ourselves. Good thing there are aspects in our marketing plans that we can just hand over. This is where a good virtual marketing assistant can become your lifesaver.

Smart business owners and marketers understand that they just do not have the time to do it all. They know that they need to ease themselves from unnecessary workloads and just focus on the critical aspects of their marketing strategies.

Hire a virtual marketing assistant offshore and see the difference. Not only will you get heaps of things done, you will also find that you are actually spending less for a great increase in your productivity.

Here are some things your remote marketing assistant can do:

– Craft and execute your email marketing campaigns
– Build a database of your existing or prospective customers
– Clean up and update your marketing database
– Conduct a market research
– Identify potential customers
– Manage your social media and Google Ads campaigns
– Many other tasks

Outsource your Email Marketing to us!

Maximize the value of your email campaigns by outsourcing it with us. When you outsource your email marketing campaigns to us, you get to take advantage of more effective and affordable marketing support services

We all know how much work comes into the crafting and execution of an effective email marketing campaign, and we just want to take the stress away from you. We can take care of everything – from layout to copy to the actual delivery.

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