Australian businesses have recently been using the art of delegation by outsourcing their business operations overseas. Offshore outsourcing services in Australia have become increasingly in demand over the years. There are many countries offering the best deal as outsourcing partners, but the Philippines has constantly been on top of the list. In this post, we discuss why Australians outsource to the Philippines and the benefits of this partnership to your business:

Less costs for your business

The less you spend, the better it is for your business. It is important to lessen your costs and increase profit and savings, and outsourcing to the Philippines can help you with that. Firstly, living cost in the Philippines is significantly lower than in Australia and even in other countries. This ultimately means that salaries for your offshore team will be much lower. A single in-house employee could turn into a group of offshore members that provide so much more productivity for your business. You will get the same results for half of what would cost you with a regular employee in Australia.

Filipinos are skillful and talented

The Philippines has been a top offshoring destination since the early 2000s, and the country has been largely known for having countless BPOs standing in different cities.  Filipinos have seen the demand for outsourcing and has since then made adjustments and preparations to students while they are still young. Many universities, schools, and other training institutions offer trainings and certifications for students and interested individuals to become skilled agents and valuable virtual assistants. This has made a lot of Filipinos very skillful, competitive, and experts in the field of outsourcing.


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Easy communication

Being the third-largest English speaking country in the world, there is no doubt why the Philippines has been regarded as a popular outsourcing country. English may not be their first language, but Filipinos  speak in English fluently and more naturally than other countries like India or China. This is because English is taught in Filipino schools from an early age. Filipinos become excellent English speakers as if it’s their main language, which explains why offshore call center agents are usually from the Philippines.  Indeed, there is no language barrier and miscommunication when you outsource to the Philippines. You will find your offshore team easy to talk to and easy to understand.

Similar Time Zone

There is only a minimal time difference between Australia and the Philippines which is about 2-3 hours. This is a significant factor in choosing an outsourcing partner. A huge time difference cause dilemmas and can affect working conditions. But with the Philippines, you do not need to wait long hours for your offshore team to respond and complete the tasks, as you can both work simultaneously together. This creates a harmonious relationship since there is only a slight adjustment to the time zone.

Improvements in Infrastructure

There is a continued improvement in the infrastructures to support outsourcing in the Philippines. The Philippine government vows to continuously support the demand of outsourcing services by providing more resources and trainings, and even faster Internet connection. The Philippines has definitely become more accessible and more appealing to Australian companies. This is why it’s highly advisable to tap with outsourcing services in Australia that offer remote staff from the Philippines.


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