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Find a way to continually increase your revenue by reducing costs. Real estate agents should focus on their main job and main competencies and leave the day-to-day administrative tasks to outsourced professionals.

What we do

Australia’s economy continues to face headwinds, and the property markets are taking the brunt. In the midst of this market downturn, real estate firms must find a way to continually increase revenue by reducing costs. Firm resources must be deployed and utilized such that economic challenges are addressed in the most cost-effective way without jeopardizing operations.

This is where real estate outsourcing comes into play. Outsourcing has already been a proven solution to quickly scale a business through increased productivity at lower costs. Real estate agents should focus on their main job and core competencies – listing and selling properties – and leave the day-to-day administrative tasks to outsourced professionals.

Sales Support

Personal virtual assistance
Post service surveys
Lead generation
Bookings management

Marketing Support

Email campaigns
Social media management
CRM management
Marketing collateral development
Database building

Property Management

Leasing administration
CRM administration
Contract administration
Tenancy application processing
General administration

Grow your Business Fast through Real Estate Outsourcing

Change the way you work – don’t just work hard, work smart!

Being in the real estate industry, every minute of every day is vital. That is why having someone to delegate some of your tasks to is a wise move. A real estate virtual assistant can help you get more organized, focus more on your listings, and close more deals. By hiring a competent real estate virtual assistant, you can do away with repetitive, menial business activities. Here are some tasks your remote personal assistant can do:

– social media management
– managing your listings
– setting up your appointments
– researching of new properties
– email management
– live chat support
– financial management
– a whole lot more

Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

At ProcessCorp, we help you increase revenue by lowering your overhead costs while maintaining, even improving, service consistency.

Free yourself and your staff up from unnecessary workload and concentrate on the high-value, revenue-generating tasks that are essential to your business.

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