Sales and Customer Support

Sales Assistance

Grow your business with our highly skilled, hardworking, English-speaking pool of sales representatives. Achieve your sales targets at just a fraction of your current labor costs.

Live Chat Support

Get real time assistance and results for your customers 24/7. Offer superior customer service through proactive engagement round the clock and get sales even while sleeping.

Account Management

Get the job done through excellent virtual account management. Let us help you foster outstanding relationship with your clients and help you drive business growth.

Growth entails effective sales strategies and an even bigger growth requires this at a lower cost. Outsourcing your business’ sales and customer support functions can benefit you in a number of ways including reduction on costs associated with training and recruitment.

Being competitive means getting more results with the least possible expense, and getting ahead in the industry means taking advantage of all that outsourcing has to offer. Did you know that you can save up to 70% on human resources and infrastructure costs by making use of our sales and customer support services?

Your Outsourced Sales Team

Sales outsourcing and customer service outsourcing has become a proven way of effectively reducing costs, thereby ensuring a bigger return on investment. Your outsourced sales representatives and sales teams will drive sales for you at a fraction of your current costs.

Hire a live customer support agent, remote sales associates, live chat agents, customer service representatives, remote account managers, or an outsourced sales team through ProcessCorp. Unlike other sales outsourcing companies, we offer you a chance to trial our service to no cost. When you find our service to be a good fit to you and your company, then we can move to an official on-boarding agreement.

Sales Outsourcing Made Easy

New to outsourcing? No worries, we will help you evaluate your current process and identify which function you can delegate with us. We will then assign you with a business support specialist or a team of specialists that will perfectly fit to your needs.

ProcessCorp is passionate about helping your business grow. We are committed to working hand in hand with you in the pursuit of your business’ goals.

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