If you want to reach your potential clients fast and grow your brand, you should definitely dive into the world of social media.  A virtual assistant can easily do the necessary social media tasks for you. With the many things you need to think about and do for your company everyday, handling many social media accounts may be a problem for you. This is where your virtual assistant can help you manage your social accounts and do all the needed tasks for you. In this post, we share the main social media duties you can outsource to a virtual assistant.


1. Community Engagement


It is important to promptly reply to comments and client inquiries, so having a virtual assistant is helpful in making sure that you are engaging with people across your different social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Your virtual assistant can also filter and delete spam comments, crosspost and re-share images, and maintain good engagement.


2. Content Writing


One key aspect in social media that you have to consider is content writing. Having someone who is an expert in social media content writing, who can create fresh and new content weekly can be a huge time saver for you and your business. This is also a great way to share ideas to your followers by writing relative and useful content for the people to enjoy.


3. Content Creation


You can rely on your virtual assistant to create beautiful posts and images across your social media accounts and ultimately build a good social media presence for your brand. You don’t need to think about creating attention-grabbing and visually appealing posts as someone else has the know-how and even expertise in creating images relevant to your brand and vision.

4. Calendar Management + Scheduling


Another important aspect of social media is timing. Aside from create beautiful images for posting, it is also important to know when to actually post them so they are seen by target audiences at the right time. Scheduling posts is crucial in building a good social media presence so people can discover your posts easily. Planning monthly editorial calendars and scheduling posts are also some of the tasks you can hand over to your virtual assistant.

5. Social Analytics


Your social media virtual assistant can also help you check how well and effective your content is and can help you analyze content analytics to make sure your posts are actually driving traffic. Your virtual assistant can create and explain reports for the different content and can advise you which type of content is working or not. This can help you strategize new ways to increase engagement, build brand awareness, and ultimately achieve brand goals.


Social Media Virtual Assistance from ProcessCorp


There can be more social media tasks you can hand over to a virtual assistant, but these ones can be a good start. Don’t hesitate to hire a remote virtual assistant to help you out with social media management. Here in ProcessCorp, our VAs have the skilled expertise in handling your social accounts and helping you reach your goals. Contact us here to get your own virtual assistant!