Many businesses around the world are struggling to cope and adjust with the changes brought about by the Coronavirus. Turning to online business and making virtual changes have been the new set up nowadays. If running your business online is something new to you, these few tips may help you get through this crisis.


Get the right tools to communicate.

It is important to have the basic tools for communication when running your business online. You would need an online storage tool to store and share documents with your team. We use Dropbox and Google Drive which are both easy and effective in managing our files. It is also very helpful to register to an online office suite to better manage your business virtually. We find Zoho really helpful to us and we have been using it for the past couple of years.

For communicating with your team members remotely, Skype is our app of choice. Zoom has also been popular nowadays for video conferencing and virtual meetings. Try to experiment and test out different tools that work with you and your team.


Stay present in social media channels.

Since most of us are isolating and staying at home, a lot of us now are always online. Now is the best time to invest in creating content in your social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other accounts. Reach out to as much audience as possible by engaging in different platforms and increasing your brand visibility. Post creative graphics, photos, or animated videos to your accounts. There is no better time to build your online presence than today.


Hire reliable virtual team members.

During these challenging times, it is important keep costs as low as possible. Now is the best time to have remote virtual staff to help you adjust and deal with the changes of your business operations. Having an outsourced staff gives you an assurance that your business operations will not be affected.

Also, having an outsourcing or offshore team is significantly cheaper than having in-house employees. You can basically assign most of your business tasks to reliable and skillful virtual assistants such as a Content Writer, who can write SEO optimized blog posts, Graphic Artists, who can provide creative visuals for your all your graphic needs, a Web Developer, who can set up and maintain your websites, and many more.


Running your business online with the help of a virtual team from ProcessCorp

If you’re not yet operating and running your business online, you should definitely consider this business strategy. Don’t lose hope and feel like it could be the end of your business; but rather, an opportunity to make it even more fruitful in the online business world. As long as you have all the necessary tools to operate online, a strong social media presence, and a virtual team who can help you out, then you should be able to adjust smoothly and keep your business running.

If you need a reliable virtual assistant, ProcessCorp can help you get a skillful and qualified remote staff. Just let us know your need. Talk to us today and let’s discuss how we may be of help to you.