Why Outsource Customer Service

Why Outsource Customer Service

Customer service is vital for any type of business. The ratings of your customer service to people determine how well your business is performing. When people find out that your customer service is not at par or beyond their standards, they might now consider your products and services.

Because of the advent of digital technology in the business sector, custom service has become a solid role with common functions that require proper training and tools. That is why these days, companies have turned into outsourcing their customer service because it is now very doable, and can help them reduce cost and minimize company expenses. Especially when outsourcing to multi-channel centers, you can turnover more tasks that can help you focus more on important functions.

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your customer service functions, then we’re here to confirm that decision and help you realize all the benefits that you can get.



Reasons to Outsource Customer Service


Cost Savings:

The ultimate goal for any business is to gain profit, so cost savings is the biggest factor in order to achieve this. When you outsource, there are many expense components that you can actually avoid such as health insurances, office equipment, overheads, and so much more. All you need to pay would be the salaries of the people you hire overseas which is much more cheaper. Outsourcing in the Philippines, for instance, is relatively cheaper and affordable without sacrificing quality, as many Filipinos are trained in customer service and can speak English excellently.


Seasonal Spike in Volume:

Companies under the retail sector experience seasonal peak in sales volumes in certain times of the year. Summer and the holiday seasons are the most common peak seasons but depending on your product or service, more peak seasons may be experienced. This is actually a perfect time to outsource people to help your customer service. With the increase of customers and leads, it is important to think about your current employees who will be handling the additional volume of work. To avoid giving so much stress to your staff, outsourcing people even just for a few months during the peak season can greatly benefit your operations.


Multi-Channel Support:

If you’re handling multiple channels such as emails, live chat, voice call, social media, etc, this may take precious time and could take a toll on your own and your staff’s roles and functions. Outsourcing offers multi-channel support so you are assured that your potential clients get their needed responses on time.


24×7 Support:

If your business caters to customers around the world, then it is important to get 24/7 customer support that can respond to any communication day and night. This may be difficult to achieve because of the many things you’ll have to process, such as getting new employees for graveyard shift, preparing for the increase of overhead costs, and many others. Outsourcing customer service can definitely save you from this problem.

If you think outsourcing is a great option for your business, there are a number of outsourcing service providers you can contact. ProcessCorp offers a variety of functions that can help your business thrive. Simply contact here.


Why Outsource Social Media Management

Why Outsource Social Media Management

Billions of people worldwide now use social media on a daily basis. It has become a huge community of individuals who interact and share their thoughts on just about anything. This is why it has become crucial for businesses to dive into social media in order to reach potential clients and grow their business. However, handling many social accounts on your own may pose problems to the company, especially that the world of social media is changing every day. Can you keep up to these changes while growing your business and managing a team? In this post, we share to you why outsourcing could be your best option to managing your social media accounts:


You can focus on important things

You may think of delegating social tasks to your existing employee, but in most cases, your staff may just become distracted, or won’t be able to complete his or her own tasks under her real position. If you’re a business owner, you’re obviously juggling many things to keep the business running, and social media management will only add up to the stress. Outsourcing this task will help you focus on more important things such as growing your business.


You Get Consistency

If you prefer posting on your social media channels on your own, it is more likely that you get to do so perhaps only once a week or twice if you have more time. Starting a social media account entails full presence to your audience, therefore it is important to be consistent in it by posting regularly. A social media person who is focused on doing this will surely help you achieve consistency in your accounts.


You Get Great Content on Your Social Media Channels

One of the things a business should focus on is its branding to the public. Your products and services only need to be shown at their best in order to attract customers. When you outsource your social operations, you are assured of good quality content being shared to your different channels. You won’t have to worry about photos or posts hurriedly shared just for the sake of posting, but you will be confident that everything being posted only follows your branding and style.


Your Customers Get Timely Responses

It is important to interact with anyone in our social media channels in a timely manner. Clients only want fast responses from companies especially when they have issues and concerns. Through outsourcing, your clients get responses immediately and any question, or concerned is addressed on time, leaving a good impression to the client.


You Get the Experience and Expertise

 Handling social media accounts is not an easy task. It requires full attention and monitoring in order for you to get the best results as much as possible. It is not merely posting and scrolling through the different channels. In order to get the results careful analysis of your audience and data gathered is important to help grow your profiles. Hence, reaching out to experts would be your best bet.


You Save Time and Money

It is now clear that outsourcing your social media tasks help you save precious time and focus on your roles, but believe it or not, you also get to save heaps of money, even when you pay for a social media manager. When you outsource, you only need to provide salary, and skip equipment, office desk, office space, and other relevant equipment needed in a regular employee. Hence, great benefits are only achieved when you outsource social media management.