What You Need To Know About Offshore Outsourcing

What You Need To Know About Offshore Outsourcing

What is Offshore Outsourcing?

Offshore outsourcing is a practice in which a business exports some of its business functions to other countries. Companies outsource for a variety of reasons but it is usually due to financial restrictions or to take advantage of lower labor costs.

Businesses, regardless of size, can greatly benefit from outsourcing; however, it is more beneficial to startups and small and medium businesses where financial capital is often limited. By handing over some of their business functions and activities, business owners can focus on core competencies and free themselves up for the more important aspects of the business.


Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

While saving money is the core benefit of offshore outsourcing, there are heaps of other benefits:

  • Get proficient, dynamic, service-oriented staff
  • Finding the right people for the job is vital, but when you find the right outsourcing partner, this is something that you don’t have to worry about. All the tedious recruitment and selection process will be handled for you.
  • Achieve increased earnings at lower labor and overhead costs
  • With outsourcing, productivity is guaranteed to improve without you having to shoulder the labor costs associated with it. In fact, you only have to pay at least 1/5 of your current labor costs to outsourced professionals.
  • Save on technologies and infrastructure
  • Because work is not done in-house, you get to save on the infrastructure needed to operate your business.
  • Things can get done round the clock
  • Need customer service round the clock? Easy. Your outsourced team will work based on your preferred working hours.
  • Happier and more productive in-house employees
  • Overworked employees are unhappy, unproductive employees. When you outsource some of your jobs, you free up your in-house staff and allow them to have a better work-life balance.

Outsourced jobs often include administrative and back office operations, bookkeeping, graphic design, web development, sales and marketing activities, and social media management, among others. Offshore outsourcing is works for all industries. Whatever industry your business is part of, you can easily take advantage of the many opportunities for growth and enhanced business performance that offshoring outsourcing brings.

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Determining which Functions to Outsource

Did you know that about half of the things you do every day can actually be done by someone else?

You can take the unnecessary load off your shoulders and focus on what matters more. When you spend more time on that new business idea and free yourself from all the dead weight, you are not wasting precious time.

So how will you decide which area of your business can be outsourced offshore? Well, you can determine this by answering the following questions:

  • Can it be done outside of the office?

Identify which tasks should be done in-house and which can be done outside of the office.  Those that don’t need to be done in-house can be easily delegated.

  • Does it require professional expertise?

Jobs like web development, search engine optimization, graphic design, etc., need technical know-how that you don’t necessarily need to learn yourself. When you outsource this, you will get efficient service and at very low costs when you do it offshore.

  • Is it time-consuming?

When a task is eating up a lot of your time, have it done by somebody else to free yourself up for more important work. This includes marketing database building, data entry tasks, email marketing, and transcription, among others.

  • Is it repetitive and boring?

When it’s repetitive and boring, it is not a core function of your business, and hence, can be handed over. Entrepreneurs and business owners need to be constantly excited to create and try something new.

  • Will it relieve and free up some time for your in-house staff?

Help improve your key staff’s mental health and well-being by delegating some of their tasks to your outsourced staff.



ProcessCorp provides the best offshore outsourcing services in Australia. From graphic design to real estate to custom service, we can help you outsource any task and responsibility for your growing business. Get access to talented, skillful, and competitive remote staff in the Philippines to handle your business operations. Contact us now!

Identifying a Great Outsourcing Partner

Identifying a Great Outsourcing Partner

Finding the perfect outsourcing partner is a crucial step in your offshore outsourcing journey. You will need to find a company that will perfectly match your business needs and structure.  There are various factors that you will need to evaluate before deciding on a service provider.


Scope of Work

What are your desired outcomes and how do you need them done? Before handing over your business’ functions, you must have a clear process of how it should be done. This process document will be the basis of your offshore work. The best results come from clear and specific process documentation.

At ProcessCorp, we help you come up with a clear process document by understanding your business. We immerse ourselves in your business and help you transition.

Transition Support

It is important that the outsourcing partner has a transition support in place to help you with the changeover. Handing over some work offshore is a major leap in your business and you need to make sure that you eliminate problems along the way.

Transition support is something we love doing to our clients at ProcessCorp. We will hold your hand and guide you to the wonderful world of offshore outsourcing.

Clear and Reasonable Fees

We now know how the cost effectiveness of offshore outsourcing can greatly help your business. Before settling with an outsourcing partner,  make sure the fees and charges have already been properly communicated. Do a little research on where the company is located. When they are in major cities, their fees are usually much higher than those in smaller cities.

Trial Period

It would be great if you can trial the outsourcing services for a few weeks before you commit on a long-term agreement. A good outsourcing partner will not hesitate to offer you this.

To give our clients a glimpse of the many opportunities and benefits of outsourcing, ProcessCorp usually offers them a two-week free trial period.


Your service provider must be able to adapt to and serve your requirements. They must be available whenever you need them and be able to serve you in times of urgency or during swift management changes.


In choosing the perfect outsourcing partner, find out who the company’s current and previous clients are, what industries they serve, and what their industry reputation is.




ProcessCorp provides the best outsourcing services in Australia. From graphic design to real estate to custom service, we can help you outsource any task and responsibility for your growing business. Get access to talented, skillful, and competitive remote staff in the Philippines to handle your business operations. Contact us now!

Why Outsourcing is the Right Choice for Small Businesses

Why Outsourcing is the Right Choice for Small Businesses

So you have decided to let go of the corporate lifestyle, and delve into the challenging world of business. Owning a business can be the ideal choice for some, from the freedom, the flexibility, and the responsibility that all falls on your shoulders. This, however, could be unnerving to most people. A big risk is at stake once you go from employee to self-employed professional, or even for seasoned business individuals who decide to explore a new business endeavor. With outsourcing, any small business can trust its benefits upon starting up, and eventually reap the long-term advantages for making use of this business practice. Here are three reasons why outsourcing is encouraged for small business owners:




This is regarded as the most important benefit that outsourcing can bring to small businesses. As a business owner, your ultimate priority is your clients and their preferences. You should devote a big chunk of your time on determining your target market, their needs, their satisfaction from your products, and how to reach a wider audience. This alone demands for much time and effort, and as a small business owner, you can only do so much at once. Outsourcing will do the rest of the essential tasks for you while you focus on your customer’s needs. These essential tasks include branding, marketing, design, and campaign management, and these could be easily handled by a big company with hundreds of employees. With limited human resources, a small business’ right pick is to avail of outsourcing services from another trusted company. 




Another challenge faced by starting businesses, is selecting workers who will effectively fulfill their roles. This selection of dependable employees takes time and money, and takes effort even more so once you manage your own people. A newly established business does not have the luxury of these things; your time, money, and efforts are better off committed to your core responsibilities. One way to guarantee that your tasks and projects are in the right hands, is by trusting the outsourcing services of experienced workers. The best way to do this is by finding the right outsourcing company to be your partner; a company made up of seasoned professionals specializing in respective fields of work.




Last but not the least, and probably the reason why most starting business owners opt for outsourcing, is the greater efficiency at lower costs. While focusing on your essential needs in kick starting the business, you may be deprived of some of the practices that only bigger businesses can afford, such as technology. Outsourcing allows you to have the competitiveness of an established business, while handling smaller operations. Being fresh in the business scene does not mean you have to be inferior to your bigger competitors. Your business can still operate efficiently while saving money. 


Speaking of lower costs, ProcessCorp offers an affordable business startup pack to take care of most of the essential business functions for you. From digital marketing, to design and branding, you may trust our tried and tested services without spending too much. You may choose from any of our specialized bundles according to your business startup needs. Contact us to know more!

5 Social Media Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

5 Social Media Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

If you want to reach your potential clients fast and grow your brand, you should definitely dive into the world of social media.  A virtual assistant can easily do the necessary social media tasks for you. With the many things you need to think about and do for your company everyday, handling many social media accounts may be a problem for you. This is where your virtual assistant can help you manage your social accounts and do all the needed tasks for you. In this post, we share the main social media duties you can outsource to a virtual assistant.


1. Community Engagement


It is important to promptly reply to comments and client inquiries, so having a virtual assistant is helpful in making sure that you are engaging with people across your different social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Your virtual assistant can also filter and delete spam comments, crosspost and re-share images, and maintain good engagement.


2. Content Writing


One key aspect in social media that you have to consider is content writing. Having someone who is an expert in social media content writing, who can create fresh and new content weekly can be a huge time saver for you and your business. This is also a great way to share ideas to your followers by writing relative and useful content for the people to enjoy.


3. Content Creation


You can rely on your virtual assistant to create beautiful posts and images across your social media accounts and ultimately build a good social media presence for your brand. You don’t need to think about creating attention-grabbing and visually appealing posts as someone else has the know-how and even expertise in creating images relevant to your brand and vision.

4. Calendar Management + Scheduling


Another important aspect of social media is timing. Aside from create beautiful images for posting, it is also important to know when to actually post them so they are seen by target audiences at the right time. Scheduling posts is crucial in building a good social media presence so people can discover your posts easily. Planning monthly editorial calendars and scheduling posts are also some of the tasks you can hand over to your virtual assistant.

5. Social Analytics


Your social media virtual assistant can also help you check how well and effective your content is and can help you analyze content analytics to make sure your posts are actually driving traffic. Your virtual assistant can create and explain reports for the different content and can advise you which type of content is working or not. This can help you strategize new ways to increase engagement, build brand awareness, and ultimately achieve brand goals.


Social Media Virtual Assistance from ProcessCorp


There can be more social media tasks you can hand over to a virtual assistant, but these ones can be a good start. Don’t hesitate to hire a remote virtual assistant to help you out with social media management. Here in ProcessCorp, our VAs have the skilled expertise in handling your social accounts and helping you reach your goals. Contact us here to get your own virtual assistant!


5 Skills Virtual Assistants Should Have

5 Skills Virtual Assistants Should Have

You may have been thinking about outsourcing some of your business tasks and looking for virtual assistants to handle them. One struggle you may encounter is finding a good virtual assistant who can do all the needed task. While a virtual assistant’s duties and tasks depend on the nature of your business, it is important to look for a virtual assistant that has the right skill set. In this blog post, we share some of the skills virtual assistants should possess:

Good communication skills

One important quality of a good virtual assistant is having good communication skills. It is important that your virtual assistant knows how to communicate to you, both oral and written. Since your assistant will be working remotely, it is important that you both establish a form of communication. Especially during the beginning stages of your employer employee relationship, transparency and honesty should be developed through proper communication.

Time Management Skills

Virtual assistants should be able to create a schedule and set deadlines based on the tasks you have asked him or her. You don’t want to be the one who keeps reminding your assistant to complete his or her tasks on time. Therefore, one crucial skill you need to make sure your virtual assistant has is time management.


A virtual assistant can somehow be your own executive secretary. Hiring someone who does not only do what they are asked to do, but also takes on tasks outside his or her duties and make suggestions on how things can work better is extremely helpful for your business. You are lucky if you can find a virtual assistant that can do this.

Computer skills

It is important to look for someone who has proficient computer skills, as virtual assistant tasks are obviously done with the use of a computer. A virtual assistant should have adequate knowledge in basic programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Literacy on the internet is also very helpful, so he or she can support in website and database maintenance and updates.

Quick Thinking and Effective Decision Making

Another quality you need to look for in virtual assistants is good decision-making skills. You need to be able to find someone whom you can rely on finishing tasks without constantly asking for your opinions and solutions to minor problems. The ability to process information quickly and make the right decisions are vital qualities of a good virtual assistant.

Get your virtual assistant from ProcessCorp

Looking for reliable and skillful virtual assistants that possess these qualities mentioned? ProcessCorp is your outsourcing partner for hiring a virtual assistant in Australia. Leave us a message and let’s discuss how we can help you in building your offshore team.