Why Outsourcing is the Right Choice for Small Businesses

Why Outsourcing is the Right Choice for Small Businesses

So you have decided to let go of the corporate lifestyle, and delve into the challenging world of business. Owning a business can be the ideal choice for some, from the freedom, the flexibility, and the responsibility that all falls on your shoulders. This, however, could be unnerving to most people. A big risk is at stake once you go from employee to self-employed professional, or even for seasoned business individuals who decide to explore a new business endeavor. With outsourcing, any small business can trust its benefits upon starting up, and eventually reap the long-term advantages for making use of this business practice. Here are three reasons why outsourcing is encouraged for small business owners:




This is regarded as the most important benefit that outsourcing can bring to small businesses. As a business owner, your ultimate priority is your clients and their preferences. You should devote a big chunk of your time on determining your target market, their needs, their satisfaction from your products, and how to reach a wider audience. This alone demands for much time and effort, and as a small business owner, you can only do so much at once. Outsourcing will do the rest of the essential tasks for you while you focus on your customer’s needs. These essential tasks include branding, marketing, design, and campaign management, and these could be easily handled by a big company with hundreds of employees. With limited human resources, a small business’ right pick is to avail of outsourcing services from another trusted company. 




Another challenge faced by starting businesses, is selecting workers who will effectively fulfill their roles. This selection of dependable employees takes time and money, and takes effort even more so once you manage your own people. A newly established business does not have the luxury of these things; your time, money, and efforts are better off committed to your core responsibilities. One way to guarantee that your tasks and projects are in the right hands, is by trusting the outsourcing services of experienced workers. The best way to do this is by finding the right outsourcing company to be your partner; a company made up of seasoned professionals specializing in respective fields of work.




Last but not the least, and probably the reason why most starting business owners opt for outsourcing, is the greater efficiency at lower costs. While focusing on your essential needs in kick starting the business, you may be deprived of some of the practices that only bigger businesses can afford, such as technology. Outsourcing allows you to have the competitiveness of an established business, while handling smaller operations. Being fresh in the business scene does not mean you have to be inferior to your bigger competitors. Your business can still operate efficiently while saving money. 


Speaking of lower costs, ProcessCorp offers an affordable business startup pack to take care of most of the essential business functions for you. From digital marketing, to design and branding, you may trust our tried and tested services without spending too much. You may choose from any of our specialized bundles according to your business startup needs. Contact us to know more!

5 Skills Virtual Assistants Should Have

5 Skills Virtual Assistants Should Have

You may have been thinking about outsourcing some of your business tasks and looking for virtual assistants to handle them. One struggle you may encounter is finding good virtual assistants who can do all the needed task. While a virtual assistant’s duties and tasks depend on the nature of your business, it is important to look for a virtual assistant that has the right skill set. In this blog post, we share some of the skills virtual assistants should possess:

Good communication skills

One important quality of a good virtual assistant is having good communication skills. It is important that your virtual assistant knows how to communicate to you, both oral and written. Since your assistant will be working remotely, it is important that you both establish a form of communication. Especially during the beginning stages of your employer employee relationship, transparency and honesty should be developed through proper communication.

Time Management Skills

Virtual assistants should be able to create a schedule and set deadlines based on the tasks you have asked him or her. You don’t want to be the one who keeps reminding your assistant to complete his or her tasks on time. Therefore, one crucial skill you need to make sure your virtual assistant has is time management.


A virtual assistant can somehow be your own executive secretary. Hiring someone who does not only do what they are asked to do, but also takes on tasks outside his or her duties and make suggestions on how things can work better is extremely helpful for your business. You are lucky if you can find a virtual assistant that can do this.

Computer skills

It is important to look for someone who has proficient computer skills, as virtual assistant tasks are obviously done with the use of a computer. A virtual assistant should have adequate knowledge in basic programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Literacy on the internet is also very helpful, so he or she can support in website and database maintenance and updates.

Quick Thinking and Effective Decision Making

Another quality you need to look for in virtual assistants is good decision-making skills. You need to be able to find someone whom you can rely on finishing tasks without constantly asking for your opinions and solutions to minor problems. The ability to process information quickly and make the right decisions are vital qualities of a good virtual assistant.

Virtual Assistants Can Help You Survive Today’s Crisis

Because of the Coronavirus, companies and businesses are suffering from economic crisis and economic pressure. Running businesses online has been the most helpful strategy nowadays. Thanks to the reliability of virtual assistants around the world, many businesses continue to thrive and operate while adjusting to never ending changes our world faces each day. If you’re not yet operating and running your business online, we highly suggest you do so.

Easily set-up your business operations online

Virtual assistants’ expertises include working in the digital and online world, so they know how to operate online businesses seamlessly. If you’re struggling to adapt to running your brand online, they can easily help you transition without any worries. They know all the necessary tools in order to not just merely enter the online world, but also to stand out from all the other brands that are coming in. You don’t need to worry about failing your business online as your virtual assistants will surely guide you through all uncertainties.

Save significant costs

We know how costly it is to have in-house employees. While it is important to keep your expenses as low as possible nowadays, having a team you can rely on is still very essential in surviving today’s crisis. However, having in-house employees can be very costly. You don’t need to resort to doing everything on your own just so you can save expenses of having a team to help you.

Through virtual assistants, you get to have the same number of people doing all the necessary tasks for you at a much lower cost. A single rate of a person you hire in your country can already acquire you more people in other countries like the Philippines.

Help you with different tasks

ProcessCorp offers a range of services to help your business. Some of these services include Administrative Support, Customer Service Support, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Bookkeeping, Marketing, and many others. We cater to whatever your business needs, as we understand that each company as its own set of operations. Simply let us know what task you need help with, and our team will be ready to help.

Find solutions to your problems

Being flexible is a key instrument to surviving an economic crisis. It is important to quickly adapt to new changes and to quickly decide on solutions to problems that will pop anytime. Our team of virtual assistants have been well-trained in handling issues and problems of different kind.

Before we end this blog, please allow us to give  you some tips in hiring a virtual assistants.

For business owners, hiring a virtual assistant has become more and more in demand. It is now common knowledge that the benefits of diverting from the conventional path and building an offshore team lets you reap more benefits. People are now aware of the accessibility of skills, practicality, and convenience brought about by outsourcing. With those facts out in the open, you may be one of those who have started to consider hiring a virtual assistant for your own business. Here are some tips that may help you find the most suitable people to hire:

Be Specific

For business owners, hiring a virtual assistant has become more and more in demand. It is now common knowledge that the benefits of diverting from the conventional path and building an offshore team lets you reap more benefits. People are now aware of the accessibility of skills, practicality, and convenience brought about by outsourcing. With those facts out in the open, you may be one of those who have started to consider hiring a virtual assistant for your own business. Here are some tips that may help you find the most suitable people to hire:

By now, you should already have an idea of who you want to hire. Think of the skills you want your virtual assistant to have. Are you looking for a meticulous, precise worker? Someone mild-mannered?

Also, make sure to know which tasks you want to delegate. Hiring a virtual assistant means being able to assign a number of various tasks that range from designing, marketing, to administrative work.


Once you have a list of possible hires, conduct interviews where you can ask about their background, skills, specializations, and even the work environment where they will be performing the tasks. Be transparent and communicate what you exactly expect from them once given the job.

Discuss the Payment

Part of communication is talking about the payment process and the rates to be agreed on. It cannot be emphasized enough how crucial it is to discuss about remuneration before any task is given and started to be worked on. Discuss the exact rates, pay schedules, and how payment will be sent.

Give a Trial Period

So you now have a possible candidate to be given the position. One last step you may incorporate into the process of hiring a virtual assistant is to allocate the first few weeks as a trial period. During this time, you may observe and decide further if you have found the most suitable person for the job.

Follow the 80:20 Rule

Something you may also observe during the trial period is the attitude and professionalism shown by your candidate. Judging on the personality more than the technical qualifications should still be applied when hiring a virtual assistant. Although this person will be working outside your office, you are entrusting tasks that are fundamental to you and your business’ success.

Get your virtual assistant from ProcessCorp

Looking for reliable and skillful virtual assistants that possess these qualities mentioned? ProcessCorp is your outsourcing partner for hiring a virtual assistant in Australia. Leave us a message and let’s discuss how we can help you in building your offshore team.