What Are The 7 Major Qualities Of a Good Virtual Assistant?

What Are The 7 Major Qualities Of a Good Virtual Assistant?

What are the major qualities of a good virtual assistant? Keep reading and we will tell you all about it!

Having the luxury of working from home is only one of the benefits of being a virtual assistant. Some even have the opportunity to work on their own time as long as they meet the clients demands on a scheduled deadline. With the pandemic, there has been an increase of virtual assistants. Even after this pandemic, virtual assistants will still be increasing as marketing has taken a new approach and that is through the internet. If you are running a growing or big business, you cannot do everything by yourself which is why virtual assistants and outsource staffing are in demand right now. But how do you choose the right one?



Reliability is essential. This is at the top when it comes to qualities of a good virtual assistant. No matter how brilliant or qualified they are, if you cannot rely on them to report on the progress of a project or answer your emails in a timely manner, it will hurt your business in the long run. They need to exhibit a level of responsibility and autonomy to perform the tasks assigned to them without any hand holding since your virtual assistant will most likely be working in a remote capacity.


They should have demonstrative and effective communication skills in responding to your emails or phone calls in a timely manner before you even extend an offer to someone. If an issue or problem is not communicated properly, it can lead to disastrous outcomes. A delay in process, generating extra costs and relationship with your clients are one of the consequences you will reap if a virtual assistant has the inability to communicate that could result in misunderstandings and more.


A virtual assistant who simply goes through their checklist without truly investing time in producing quality work or putting extra effort is the last thing everybody. Resourcefulness and being proactive are qualities of a good virtual assistant should have. The whole point of employing the help of a virtual assistant is to have a helping hand to carry out assigned tasks, find solutions, and solve issues that may arise with clients. Even if they don’t know everything, they should be resourceful. They could inquire about a particular task in a VA forum, watch a YouTube tutorial, or research articles that divulge the necessary info.


Lying and being untrustworthy are not qualities of good virtual assistant. Working with someone in a virtual capacity, honesty is more prevalent than ever. Make sure you prepare yourself because every VA are bound to make a mistake or error every once in a while. The difference is, a good virtual assistant will come to you about any problems that arise or delays that prevent them from completing the work on time.

It might sound over the top but using a screen and time monitoring system to track their VA’s progress and ensure they are clocking in the correct hours is one way of monitoring them. However, that is a personal decision and comes down to the level of trust you have in your VA.


Among the top 5 qualities of a good virtual assistant, multitasking should be one of them. They will likely to have multiple tasks to handle and they must be able to stay organized, keeps things moving forwards, and go back and forth with multiple clients with ease. Keeping a good schedule, knowing what to prioritize, and working efficiently is a vital component of a successful virtual personal assistant.


The most important thing for a virtual assistant to understand is that you never want your clients to see what is going behind the screen no matter how chaotic they are. Working well under pressure is one of the virtual assistant qualities should have. Regardless of how hectic the tasks and work may be, they should place an emphasis on making each client feel as though they are the number one priority. A VA should not only handle pressure but refrain from passing on negativity to a client even when there are instances may occur where there is a short turn-around time or higher workload than normal.


Staying on top of all of their task, even when a client may not are one of the qualities of a good virtual assistant. Rather than sitting on a certain task and wait for further instructions, a VA should possess the know-how to reach out during when things fall through the cracks on the clients’ end.


Virtual assistants contribute to business growth, no matter what business and market you are in. A good VA could not only help your business grow but to be a success as well. If you are an entrepreneur or handling a growing business, VA’s are your backbone in almost anything. They help you with marketing, analysis, shipping, product reviews and many more. They help you keep your business on the competitive stage even when you are busy with your daily life. You would always need help and VA’s are the solution to your managing problems.


Processcorp is home to many where they exhibit qualities and skills of a virtual assistant. We have years of experience of all virtual and digital services. If you have any questions, explore our official website or contact us so we can answer your questions directly.


Common Offshore Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Common Offshore Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Outsourcing and offshore were once small-scale enterprises focused on web applications, administration, and payroll management. At the moment, it has spread to a multitude of industries throughout the world. Running and developing a firm with offshore teams in a foreign country has always been a difficult undertaking. Numerous aspects contribute to the complicated character of the offshore model. Businesses can reap numerous benefits from the offshoring and outsourcing industry if they take the appropriate strategy. It is not a closely guarded secret that organizations can experience offshore challenges when outsourcing software development, whether for developing infrastructure or for products that are currently in installation and maintenance.

While the apparent cost savings for organizations headquartered in expensive places can appear to be particularly enticing, it’s crucial to consider the hidden expenses and overheads associated with transferring a workload to a third-world country or perhaps another country altogether. Although thorough preparation and planning may alleviate many of the risks associated with outsourcing, nothing is more beneficial than a grasp of the potential offshore challenges and how to prevent them.

But before diving into the challenges associated with this endeavor, it’s beyond imperative to first equip oneself with the basic know-how of how offshore outsourcing functions as an industry in itself that develops other domains of the economy in the making. A qualified marketing team is comprised of a variety of individuals, including web developers, app developers, search engine professionals, social media managers, content writers, marketing specialists, and creatives, amongst many others. Assisting your local resources in giving excellent marketing solutions to your firm while also supplying them with capabilities that may have been lacking as a consequence of financial constraints, these team members may make a significant difference.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on contract website design and development, you might engage a full-time website developer who would devote their entire time and attention to your project instead. Modifications and expansions can be made almost immediately and whenever they are required, eliminating the need to deal with contractors. Also, these professionals are equipped with years of expertise and enough awareness of present marketing trends, thus making them efficient proponents of business growth.

How to Overcome Them

1. Inconsistency in the Number of Hours Worked

A common issue is a crossover in working hours, which might be one of the most evident difficulties. If you’re traveling across multiple time zones, it’s easy to finish up with only an hour or two of overlapped working hours per day. Customers on exceptionally early and late calls to arrange work have been witnessed by us on numerous occasions.

Some offshore partners claim to be able to adjust their working hours to be more consistent with those of their customers. One thing to double-check is that this applies to the entire team that will be responsible for delivering your software application. Occasionally, the more experienced team members work a standard local working day, with the more entry-level team members covering the more unsociable local hours. This has happened on occasion.

How to Overcome Offshore Challenges

  • Consider giving preference to vendors who are located in nearby time zones.
  • Be conscious that you will need to modify your workflow in order to allow a brief period of time overlap.

2. Keeping Track of the Work of the Offshore Crew is a Difficult to Accomplish

Inconsistencies in both timelines and evaluation criteria might make it difficult to track progress and evaluate results. Maintaining alignment between the offshore team and the rest of the firm is critical to achieving success. The offshore crew is a critical component of your operations and serves as the backbone of your company’s operations. If difficulties with team cohesion and projects are left unaddressed, they will become increasingly difficult to manage.

The result will be more serious challenges in the future, rather than helping to advance the cause of progress. Working from home provides the team with greater flexibility. However, when they are left to complete work without sufficient supervision, it can quickly result in organizational problems.

How to Overcome Offshore Challenges:

  • Create a strategy for communicating effectively.
  • Learn how to communicate effectively using the appropriate tools.

3. Communication Breakdown Because of Linguistic and Cultural Barriers

Just by considering these two factors, it becomes clear why offshore development teams may struggle to accurately comprehend requirements or broader business strategy, resulting in increased errors. Working in many languages makes it difficult to communicate specific or nuanced requirements or to comprehend problems that arise during the development process. Cultural hurdles, such as differing expectations or communication methods, can sometimes cause projects to fall apart. According to the respondents, dealing with offshore clients presents a number of difficulties.

How to Overcome Offshore Challenges:

  • Reduce the number of channels of communication you use.
  • Conduct a culture raining session for both the domestic and international teams.

4. When it Comes to Corporate Identity and Goals, the Offshore Workforce Feels Disconnected.

The inability to fully comprehend specific processes and occurrences when working with a remote team can occur at any moment during the course of the project. Furthermore, when connecting with members from the onshore location, they may be looking for a human element. If an assignment is delivered solely through text chats, for example, team members may not be able to comprehend the whole scope of the project.

This form of communication also raises the likelihood of misunderstandings and miscommunications. In the worst-case scenario, remote employees may become perplexed not only by a project but also by the company’s mission and brand identity. This could lead to fatigue or a general loss of drive to produce outputs as a result of the situation.

How to Overcome Offshore Challenges:

  • Make use of video conferencing to communicate with others.
  • Communicate your product/project vision to the rest of the team.

Once offshore outsourcing services are integrated into your company’s operations, there is a multitude of opportunities that arise, and to avoid possible challenges, it is imperative to collaborate with an offshore outsourcing company that will lead you to efficiency. And if you’re a rising star in the business world, you wouldn’t want to lose out on this opportunity.

Here in ProcessCorp, an Australian-owned and operated firm, we are committed to aiding startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and even huge, established businesses, in their quest to develop as rapidly and efficiently as possible. In our pursuit of operational excellence, we take great pride. When it comes to your company, we treat it as if it were our own, and nothing makes us happier than seeing you succeed and your company grows. Contact us today!

Offshore Marketing Services: Everything You Need to Know

Offshore Marketing Services: Everything You Need to Know

There is a plethora of outsourcing companies located all over the world that provide offshore business solutions. Today, you have the option of hiring a local company in your neighborhood or utilizing organization who offer offshore marketing services. When compared to a local company, the offshore marketing services would be far less expensive.

As a thriving business in a plethora of competitions, marketing goes beyond a certain level of imperativeness. Marketing is a tool that allows you to keep the conversation continuing indefinitely. The conduct of engaging with clients is independent from the act of pitching your merchandise. Captivating your customers entail delivering them with requisite input about your products and your company’s overall economic.

Basically, it’s all in the matter of introducing innovative and intriguing material. Business owners who want to see their companies develop must employ robust sales and inbound marketing tactics. Increase brand awareness and market reach by marketing to the right individuals who need your service or product are the goals of every marketing campaign.

On the other hand, sales is the process of completing the transaction with the contacts or leads generated by the marketing department. The alignment of these two factors is critical to the success of any firm. And given the tight competition in present trends of marketing, it could be quite a daunting endeavor to make an outstanding appeal from the rest while juggling with corporate demands. So here’s where offshore marketing services take over.

Successful and effective marketing strategies employ a need of significant investment of time, money, energy, and experience to implement. Many businesses attempt to handle everything on their own, only to discover that sales and web marketing are best handled by professionals with years of experience. Most businesses recognize that they must be visible on the internet in order to be influential, and they engage the services of online marketing firms to accomplish this.

Businesses that want to market their products, services, or brand on the internet can take advantage of online marketing services supplied by thirdparty companies. Search engine optimization, sponsored advertisements, and social media management are some of the internet marketing services available.

How to Find the Right Partner for Offshore Marketing

Offshoring portions of your marketing workflow process is a viable option motivated by a desire to gain a competitive advantage in terms of operational, administrative, and financial performance. The process of identifying foreign marketing partnerships, on the other hand, can be time-consuming.

The Business Process Outsourcing industry is massive, and it has grown to be worth billions of dollars in revenue every year over the last several years. Finding the appropriate team to carry out your foreign marketing strategy is one of the most difficult aspects of taking the offshore path. Initial perceptions may be diametrically opposed to what is actually going on behind the scenes of a business development meeting.

Finding a compatible offshore outsourcing company takes some research and diligence. However, making the time and effort to do so will boost the likelihood of finding the ideal vendor for your foreign marketing strategy. When you first start your adventure, take the time to look into the work that the remote provider does, their clientele, and the areas of expertise that they appear to be involved in.

Seek first-hand feedbacks and recommendations from direct clients and partners, and look through the array of case studies. Also assess the type of clientele they cater, whether they are large corporations with well-known names in the market, or small start-ups in the making.

How an Offshore Marketing Team Can Work for Your Business

A competent marketing team is made up of web developers, app developers, search engine professionals, social media managers, content writers, marketing specialists, and creatives, among other people. These team members can assist your local resources in providing great marketing solutions to your company while also providing them with capabilities that may have been lacking as a result of budget constraints.

As an alternative to spending huge sums of money on contract website design and development services, you may hire a full-time website developer who would fully commit their full attention to your project. Alterations and additions can be made almost rapidly and whenever they are required, without the necessity of dealing with contractors.

Benefits of Offshore Marketing Services

1. Substantially Reduced Risk and Expenditures.

Factors such as a shift in resource allocation, turnover, and the use of misplaced or ill-chosen abilities are things that can be ruled out. Given a reliable partner in offshore marketing services, you will not be troubled with the hassles of hiring, training, and most importantly, retaining the talent you have developed, as well as the enormous overhead that this will impose on your company’s product or service.

Utilizing a well-known and trustworthy marketing outsourcing company can help to significantly reduce the danger of all of the operational inadequacies. An offshore outsourcing company can assist you in significantly reducing the financial effect of hiring, training, and retaining an in-house marketing group.

2. Assured Consistency

Nurturing and maintaining marketing talent on your own is, to put it mildly, a difficult endeavor. Offshore marketing services are provided exclusively for the benefit of your company.

3. Adaptable Approach

You have the flexibility of hiring a single specialist or a team of experts in web marketing. In addition, you are given the liberty of hiring them on an hourly or a monthly basis. It is up to you to determine whether or not to expand or contract your staff of web marketing specialists as your needs dictate.

There is a plethora of possibilities that incline with offshore marketing services once integrated to your business operations. And as a budding name in the business domain, you wouldn’t want to miss this one. By building an offshore team, you get to take advantage of the significant cost savings associated with managing your human capital.

And here in ProcessCorp, an Australian owned and managed company, we are committed to assisting startups, small, medium, and even large, established enterprises in their efforts to grow quickly. We take pleasure in our commitment to operational excellence. We treat your company as if it were our own, and nothing makes us happier than to see you succeed and your company prosper. Collaborate with us today!