3 Benefits of Outsourcing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

3 Benefits of Outsourcing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The tragic coronavirus pandemic, also known as COVID-19, has dramatically affected everyone around the world. It may have to be one of the biggest crisis our world has ever battled, and the tragedy is not yet even over. The numbers of coronavirus cases continue to surge in many parts of the world, if not all countries. Many countries are locking down and closing their borders in the hopes of ceasing the spread of the virus. Business, both big and small, are greatly impacted.


However, we cannot let this pandemic defeat us. It is important to focus on staying positive, aside from following proper hygiene and social distancing, during these difficult times. Businesses need to focus on strategies to keep the operations running. One helpful way to keep your business running is through outsourcing. Here are some reasons why outsourcing can be a big help during this pandemic.



Cutting costs should be a big priority during these days. You need to be able to avoid unnecessary expenditures and save revenues as much as possible. Having an outsourced staff gives you an assurance that your business operations will not be affected. Also, having an outsourcing or offshore team is significantly cheaper than having in-house employees.

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With the growing numbers of the coronavirus cases, we can expect to see changes in the regulations of the business environment all over the world. With this pandemic, many businesses are adjusting to transition their employees to work from home. But with ongoing virtual assistants, you get to avoid this adjustment and get to focus on other important things for your business.


Whatever the situation is, outsourcing assures you that your business continues to run and earn. Many countries are locking down and people are asked to work from home. But the reality is that not all employees have the means to take home their duties. This would also imply that the company will have to acquire additional equipment (like laptops) for the staff to use. With outsourcing, you are assured of a temporary replacement team ready to take over some of your employee’s functions.



ProcessCorp is trusted in providing outsourcing services in Australia. From graphic design to real estate, we can help you outsource any service for your growing business.

Why Choose A Graphic Design Retainer Program

Why Choose A Graphic Design Retainer Program

Graphic design plays a big role for your business. It functions for attracting new clients and the effective selling of your services. Hiring a graphic designer for your projects that gives excellent output is such a fundamental part of growing whatever business you have. From the simple task of designing your logo to web design, graphic design services will surely make or break the course of your business plan. A graphic design retainer is an option to make an agreement with a professional graphic designer to work for you for a longer period of time, instead of hiring a professional to work with for every project that comes up. Here’s why regular graphic design work is the better option:



When you find graphic designers for every project, you have to go through the process of getting to know each other, and introducing what work has to be done. You can skip this process and rest assured that whatever new project is being worked on, remains to be in line with your business and brand objectives. A graphic design retainer program allows your hired designer to be familiar with your business with every work completed, and may even be capable of suggesting more creative methods to improve your brand. A good relationship with your graphic designer will call for smoother transactions and direct processing of every task.



If you have worked with a professional graphic designer previously, then you’re aware of the tedious process of looking for the right person. With the agreement based on the graphic design retainer program, you can expect regular output and focus on your business with ease knowing that your graphic design services are performed by someone you trust.



Budgeting and assigning work is necessary, but it doesn’t have to take too much of your time. When you have a graphic designer on retainer, you pay a fixed amount per month, or any time period you agree on. You know exactly how much you pay, and the amount of work you expect to get from each months budget.


At ProcessCorp we give you the option to avail of packages under our graphic design retainer program! You get the same quality projects for websites, blogs, and print media with the benefit of getting regular work done for you.

Make The Most Out Of Unlimited Graphic Design Services

Make The Most Out Of Unlimited Graphic Design Services

Choosing unlimited graphic design services already means saving costs when you need any graphic design task to get done. You can maximize your resources while availing of affordable graphic design that promises top-notch results. Working with a professional graphic designer has never been this easy, but you can still get more out of your graphic design monthly subscription by remembering these important steps in outsourcing graphic design tasks. 

Introduce Your Business

Business owners make use of unlimited graphic design services the most. It may save you some money, but affordable graphic design does not have to come in lower quality. A way you can ensure the quality of your design is by giving the graphic designer and in-depth orientation of what your business does, and even emphasizing on the target customers you are trying to attract. Like if you already have a logo and particular branding, make sure to indicate if you want to retain some previous details or are looking to change your image a bit.

Explain Your Design Object

It sounds easy to do, but even those who have been taking advantage of monthly graphic designs for some time still struggle with this step. Sometimes people look for unlimited graphics without a precedent objective in mind. Your graphic designer may suggest some creative ideas, but it pays to have your own clear idea of what to expect out of the project. Your own business will be at stake after all. To help with this, you may share some inspiration or examples if you still find it difficult to explain the exact design you’re looking for. Even basic details like file type and dimensions must be specified. 

Review and Finalize

The freedom to review and make revisions on your design is one of the perks when availing unlimited graphic design services. You won’t always get the exact result that you want, but this service lets you share feedback based on the designer’s output. Still, keep your feedback descriptive and specific. 

Where to Find the Best Unlimited Graphic Design Services in Australia?

It’s reasonable to state that we’re all aware of the fact that graphic design is in high demand in the majority of businesses. However, do we fully comprehend the implications of unlimited graphic design services in the commercial world? If you assume that your company can exist without compelling communications, you need to heed your own advice. If you want to effectively demonstrate the attributes, merits, and unique selling proposition of your product or service to your target prospects and consumers, you’ll need to use visual communication techniques.

Because visual information accounts for ninety percent (90%) of all information transmitted in the human brain, your company’s design must be adept in expressing its message. In light of the fact that sixty-five percent (65%) of the population is classified as “visual learners,” your money would be definitely utilised into its optimal usage in developing a visual approach to incorporating a persona for your company. When compared to overwritten text, individuals prefer graphics and pictures mostly because of their ability to absorb information more quickly. This is an incredibly vital factor to consider, but it is also a drawback when dealing with a lengthy body of content.  And if you haven’t heard of unlimited graphic design services, then you must be missing out on something great.

What are Unlimited Graphic Design Services?

Unlimited graphic design services imply that you will be able to receive unlimited design support from an offshore graphic design services firm on a monthly basis. This is a preferable course of action rather than working with freelancers or agencies on a project basis which can be highly expensive in the long run. The activities you may do with an unlimited graphic design subscription range from developing a landing page to creating social media graphics and other related jobs. This comes handy for operations that intend and require long-term requirements. If you want a team that understands your marketing needs, and can work on design projects with unlimited revisions, this is the most feasible option for you. On demand Graphics design services are a solution that businesses and professionals such as marketers, bloggers, and advertising agencies can employ instead of hiring in-house designers to meet their design needs. Custom illustrations, graphics, and photo editing are all skills that the unlimited graphic design services providers have mastered. These qualified graphic designers have received extensive training in typography, visual arts, website layout, and user interface design.

Why is Graphic Design Imperative in Business?

Consistency and Trademark

initiatives, which aids in the development of a company’s identity and the optimisation of its brand recognition. These characteristics of consistency and uniformity convey a professional image of your company to your target audience.

Visual Correspondence

Because visual aids are more effective at transmitting ideas than written words, graphic designs aid in effective collaboration with viewers. When compared to only using words, a visually appealing and informative graphic or picture can portray ideas and information more proficiently than words alone. Graphics and images that have been professionally developed can facilitate in the creation of a positive impression and the effective conveyance of the message.

Favourable and Lasting Impression

Favourable and Lasting Impression It’s possible that visitors will look away and lose interest in your brand or business if your logo is unappealing or hard to pin down. On the other hand, if you have a logo design that is intriguing and creative, people will be drawn to it and are more likely to remember it. When you hire a professional and skilled graphic designer, you can have a logo designed and created that is gives a proper representation of your company’s values, is appealing and recognisable, and may help to create a favorable first impression in the eyes of consumers.

Recognizability of the Brand

When it comes to businesses, the most significant advantage of graphic design is that it aids in the establishment of a visual identity for the brand that is a statement of the company’s ideals and objectives. The company’s logo appears in every part of its business communications, from stationery to brochures to commercials to the company’s website and everything in between. All of these contribute to the development of a strong brand image. Graphic design that is effective may create an instant connection between your company’s ideals and the items or services that are being sold.

Higher Conversion Rates

The most prominent advantage of graphic design for organizations is that it may facilitate in increasing exposure, which in turn can result in increased conversions and profits. Increased visibility, more effective communication, and increased credibility are all advantages that contribute to increased sales and revenue. Effective graphic design attracts more customers to a website or store, increasing the likelihood that they will convert.

Incorporates a Culture of Trust and Goodwill

Graphic design contributes to the development of a professional brand image. This professional image contributes to the establishment of confidence and credibility in the minds of the public. Building trust is important in persuading buyers about the quality of the items or services being supplied to them. Over time, companies that have been able to establish a strong reputation will be the ones that will be able to thrive in the long run. The use of excellent graphic design can aid in the creation of effective communication, which can in turn serve to increase trust and credibility. There is a plethora of unlimited graphic design services available that provide excellent and competent workmanship. As a result, it is difficult to select the best match for your business ideals. So where then do we find the best unlimited graphic design services in Australia?

Here in ProcessCorp, an Australian-owned and operated firm, we are committed to aiding startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and even huge, established businesses, in their quest to develop as rapidly and efficiently as possible. In our pursuit of operational excellence, we take great pride of our craft that have helped businesses from the ground up. When it comes to your company, we treat it as if it were our own, and nothing makes us happier than seeing you succeed and your company grow. The visual appeal of our designs is enhanced by the fact that they are linked with the marketing objectives of our clients. We believe that each and every firm has its own set of requirements, and as a result, we design graphics to meet these requirements at the most reasonable prices. And it gets better from here. In fact, we too offer unlimited graphic design services! Try us out today and find yourself at the best place to market your business!