Running Your Business Online During the COVID Crisis

Running Your Business Online During the COVID Crisis

Many businesses around the world are struggling to cope and adjust with the changes brought about by the Coronavirus. Turning to online business and making virtual changes have been the new set up nowadays. If running your business online is something new to you, these few tips may help you get through this crisis.


Get the right tools to communicate.

It is important to have the basic tools for communication when running your business online. You would need an online storage tool to store and share documents with your team. We use Dropbox and Google Drive which are both easy and effective in managing our files. It is also very helpful to register to an online office suite to better manage your business virtually. We find Zoho really helpful to us and we have been using it for the past couple of years.

For communicating with your team members remotely, Skype is our app of choice. Zoom has also been popular nowadays for video conferencing and virtual meetings. Try to experiment and test out different tools that work with you and your team.


Stay present in social media channels.

Since most of us are isolating and staying at home, a lot of us now are always online. Now is the best time to invest in creating content in your social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and other accounts. Reach out to as much audience as possible by engaging in different platforms and increasing your brand visibility. Post creative graphics, photos, or animated videos to your accounts. There is no better time to build your online presence than today.


Hire reliable virtual team members.

During these challenging times, it is important keep costs as low as possible. Now is the best time to have remote virtual staff to help you adjust and deal with the changes of your business operations. Having an outsourced staff gives you an assurance that your business operations will not be affected.

Also, having an outsourcing or offshore team is significantly cheaper than having in-house employees. You can basically assign most of your business tasks to reliable and skillful virtual assistants such as a Content Writer, who can write SEO optimized blog posts, Graphic Artists, who can provide creative visuals for your all your graphic needs, a Web Developer, who can set up and maintain your websites, and many more.


Running your business online with the help of a virtual team from ProcessCorp

If you’re not yet operating and running your business online, you should definitely consider this business strategy. Don’t lose hope and feel like it could be the end of your business; but rather, an opportunity to make it even more fruitful in the online business world. As long as you have all the necessary tools to operate online, a strong social media presence, and a virtual team who can help you out, then you should be able to adjust smoothly and keep your business running.

If you need a reliable virtual assistant, ProcessCorp can help you get a skillful and qualified remote staff. Just let us know your need. Talk to us today and let’s discuss how we may be of help to you.

5 Graphic Design Essentials Every Business Needs

5 Graphic Design Essentials Every Business Needs

Here are 5 graphic design essentials every business needs:

Business Cards

Unlimited graphic design services

A business card, which is just a small piece of cardboard with your brand name, logo, and contact details, is actually one of the keys in order to make a great impression. Especially when meeting clients and business partners for the first time, it is important to have a good business card on hand with you. However, many would argue that business cards are not quite effective, as they are just usually just thrown away. The key here is create a beautifully-designed, creative, and attractive design for your business card.


Social Media Posts

In today’s digital world, if you’re not marketing on social media, are you even marketing at all? Advertising and marketing your brand in different social media channels are essentials for your brand to get noticed, get sales, and grow. You need to have creative graphic design when posting updates or announcing on your social media accounts. That way, your post gets way more engagement.


Unlimited graphic design services

It is important to always keep your branding and show your business to many tools as much as possible. You may not think of stationery as one of these tools, but making sure that you show your brand to as much places as possible will surely help your visibility. You can add unique and eye-catching graphics to custom envelopes, printed letters, and even in emails.


Blog Graphics

Unlimited graphic design services

Many of us are visual learners. We prefer looking at pictures than reading texts. This is why blog posts and articles get more views when they have images and blog graphics. In order to capture people in the internet, visually appealing graphics are vital in order for your blog post to stand out.

Brochures, Leaflets, & Flyers

Even though we now live in a digital world, a lot of people still prefer print which makes it still relevant today. In fact, many people still prefer reading on printed papers like leaflets, brochures and flyers. You only need to make them look appealing and to make sure that the messages on those leaflets are actually purposeful and relatable to your audience.

Graphic Design Services By ProcessCorp


Graphic design indeed is important in the business world. Getting sales and reaching your brand’s target can easily be achieved when you have good visuals to represent your brand and capture people’s interest. ProcessCorp offers unlimited graphic design services. When you get our Business Package, you get to enjoy unlimited design requests with unlimited revisions. Your dedicated graphic designer will ensure all your requests are attended to within the expected turnaround time. We are also offering a 7-Day Graphic Design Trial for you to test out. Sign up now and we will get back to you right away.

4 Ways How ProcessCorp is Helping Small Businesses Grow

4 Ways How ProcessCorp is Helping Small Businesses Grow

Growth is important especially to small businesses. However, growth takes a lot of time and resources which may not be easily available to you. This is where outsourcing takes place. In this post, we share to you how Processcorp, an offshore outsourcing service in Australia, is helping small businesses grow and expand their opportunities:


We let you focus on more important things.


Tony Robbins once said that, “Most people fail in life because they major in minor things.” This applies to businesses as well. If you focus in doing every single task of your business, you will only waste so much time. One of the keys in successfully growing your brand is through delegation. Managing human resources, sorting out paperworks and payrolls, optimizing SEO, and handling social media accounts are some of the operations you can assign to someone else. As a business owner, you need to focus on what’s truly important – and that is to scale up your business as quickly as possible.


We help you save significant costs.


Especially when you’re still starting out, it is important to avoid large expenditures. You don’t want to keep putting money away at the beginning of your business. Outsourcing has many advantages when it comes to money matters. Through outsourcing, you get to create a team that works for you with much lower costs than a regular employee in the same country. The budget that you use for in-house expenditures can be used for other important expenses if you outsource.

helping small businesses grow

We give you great flexibility.


Things can happen and change very quickly, especially in the world of business. Take the global crisis happening now, for instance. Nobody thought this would happen in a span of few months. Many businesses are negatively impacted and are struggling to survive. But with ProcessCorp, flexibility is easily achieved. The global crisis may be happening around the world, but countries are handling it differently. If you’re in a situation where it is extra difficult to handle your business, you offshore team can help solve your dilemma and can continue to operate your business seamlessly.

We give you immediate access to talented individuals.


Through outsourcing, you are not only limited to hiring talented people around your area, but you also get access to skillful experts who are worth more than a person you can hire in-house but can be paid a fraction only. SEO experts, web and graphic designers are usually hard to find and not to mention, expensive to hire. But outsourcing gives you the ability to achieve hiring the best people for your team.

ProcessCorp: Helping Small Businesses Grow


Outsourcing indeed has been contributing benefits and helping small businesses grow. ProcessCorp is dedicated to help you free up time for important business matters, save you significant costs for other business aspects, give access to talented people, and help you adapt to the ever changing world of business. We will always work hard and to our best in helping small businesses grow. Talk to us today and let’s discuss how we may be of help to you.

Why Outsourcing Services Partner with the Philippines

Why Outsourcing Services Partner with the Philippines

Australian businesses have recently been using the art of delegation by outsourcing their business operations overseas. Offshore outsourcing services in Australia have become increasingly in demand over the years. There are many countries offering the best deal as outsourcing partners, but the Philippines has constantly been on top of the list. In this post, we discuss why Australians outsource to the Philippines and the benefits of this partnership to your business:

Less costs for your business

The less you spend, the better it is for your business. It is important to lessen your costs and increase profit and savings, and outsourcing to the Philippines can help you with that. Firstly, living cost in the Philippines is significantly lower than in Australia and even in other countries. This ultimately means that salaries for your offshore team will be much lower. A single in-house employee could turn into a group of offshore members that provide so much more productivity for your business. You will get the same results for half of what would cost you with a regular employee in Australia.

Filipinos are skillful and talented

The Philippines has been a top offshoring destination since the early 2000s, and the country has been largely known for having countless BPOs standing in different cities.  Filipinos have seen the demand for outsourcing and has since then made adjustments and preparations to students while they are still young. Many universities, schools, and other training institutions offer trainings and certifications for students and interested individuals to become skilled agents and valuable virtual assistants. This has made a lot of Filipinos very skillful, competitive, and experts in the field of outsourcing.


outsourcing services in australia

Easy communication

Being the third-largest English speaking country in the world, there is no doubt why the Philippines has been regarded as a popular outsourcing country. English may not be their first language, but Filipinos  speak in English fluently and more naturally than other countries like India or China. This is because English is taught in Filipino schools from an early age. Filipinos become excellent English speakers as if it’s their main language, which explains why offshore call center agents are usually from the Philippines.  Indeed, there is no language barrier and miscommunication when you outsource to the Philippines. You will find your offshore team easy to talk to and easy to understand.

Similar Time Zone

There is only a minimal time difference between Australia and the Philippines which is about 2-3 hours. This is a significant factor in choosing an outsourcing partner. A huge time difference cause dilemmas and can affect working conditions. But with the Philippines, you do not need to wait long hours for your offshore team to respond and complete the tasks, as you can both work simultaneously together. This creates a harmonious relationship since there is only a slight adjustment to the time zone.

Improvements in Infrastructure

There is a continued improvement in the infrastructures to support outsourcing in the Philippines. The Philippine government vows to continuously support the demand of outsourcing services by providing more resources and trainings, and even faster Internet connection. The Philippines has definitely become more accessible and more appealing to Australian companies. This is why it’s highly advisable to tap with outsourcing services in Australia that offer remote staff from the Philippines.


ProcessCorp provides the best outsourcing services in Australia. From graphic design to real estate to custom service, we can help you outsource any task and responsibility for your growing business. Get access to talented, skillful, and competitive remote staff in the Philippines to handle your business operations. Contact us now here.

5 Business Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

5 Business Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Although mistakes help you make better decisions in handling your business, some business mistakes can cause serious problems that might significantly affect your finances and overall process. Aside from having a team of virtual assistants to help you, it is important to also avoid unnecessary mishaps in order to focus on bettering your company and become smarter in making decisions. In this blog, ProcessCorp shares 5 common mistakes businesses should try to avoid in order to grow your brand.


Not organizing your work

As your business grows, your overall number or tasks will also increase. This can easily clutter your mind and working space if you don’t practice organizing and managing your daily tasks. You need to know how to prioritize your tasks and focus on accomplishing them every single day. Having an outline or to-do list can help you become more organized and can help you save precious time.


Expecting instant success

No matter how many success stories we see and read online, it is unjustifiable to say that success comes easy to entrepreneurs. Success comes with many challenges and troubles that are always present even when you have reached your goal. Especially when you’re still starting out, trying to stabilize your business may still be a struggle. It is better to be happy with small wins than expecting big returns immediately.


Not embracing technology

When managing a business, it is important to continue learning. Modern technology has offered us so many shortcuts that help us become more efficient. It allowed us to save more profit and has helped us reach our targets easily and effectively. Not adapting to changes will only cause burden to your people and overall business. This is definitely one of the big business mistakes to avoid.

Having a team of competitive individuals who are in keen in adapting to modern technology is a must these days. Our virtual assistants in ProcessCorp are skillful and are fast learners. They can easily adapt to whatever new processes there are in the market.


Not marketing your products

Some people rely on having the best product or service and expect people to come in. We are now living in a digital era. It is important to put your brand out there by investing in advertising or digital marketing. There are many brands that might offer the same product as you, so it is important to create a marketing plan to target your prospects and stand out from the rest.


Doing repetitive tasks yourself

You may find the need to do things on your own to make sure they are done correctly, but a growing business needs a team of people to handle different areas. As a business owner, your role is to delegate tasks and responsibilities to your team as you focus on finding more ways to grow and expand your business.


Avoid these business mistakes with ProcessCorp

Having a team of virtual assistants will help you cut costs, and help you focus on important activities as a business owner. ProcessCorp has skillful, dependable, and knowledgeable business specialists who you can count on. We offer many services such as administrative services, graphic design, social media, customer service, and many others. Talk to us and let us know what your business needs!