What Are The 7 Major Qualities Of a Good Virtual Assistant?

What Are The 7 Major Qualities Of a Good Virtual Assistant?

Discover the key attributes of an effective virtual assistant as you continue reading – all the insights are coming your way! Having the luxury of working from home is only one of the benefits of being a virtual assistant. Some even have the opportunity to work on their own time as long as they meet the clients demands on a scheduled deadline. With the pandemic, there has been an increase of web assistants.

Even after this pandemic, virtual assistants will still be increasing as marketing has taken a new approach and that is through the internet. If you’re managing a expanding or sizable enterprise, it’s impractical to handle all tasks single-handedly. This is precisely why there’s a current surge in demand for virtual assistants and outsourced staffing. However, the question remains: How can you make the appropriate selection?



Essential to note is the paramount importance of reliability, which stands as the foremost quality in a commendable virtual assistant. Regardless of their brilliance or qualifications, if you can’t depend on them to provide progress updates on projects or respond promptly to your emails, it will have a negative impact on your business in the long term. It’s crucial for them to demonstrate responsibility and self-sufficiency in carrying out their assigned tasks, given that your virtual assistant will likely be operating remotely.


They should have demonstrative and effective communication skills in responding to your emails or phone calls in a timely manner before you even extend an offer to someone. Insufficiently conveying an issue or problem can result in catastrophic consequences. A delay in process, generating extra costs and relationship with your clients are one of the consequences you will reap if a virtual assistant has the inability to communicate that could result in misunderstandings and more.


A virtual assistant who simply goes through their checklist without truly investing time in producing quality work or putting extra effort is the last thing everybody. Possessing resourcefulness and a proactive attitude are essential attributes for an effective virtual assistants. The primary objective of engaging a virtual assistant is to benefit from their support in accomplishing designated tasks, identifying resolutions, and addressing potential client-related problems. Even when faced with unfamiliar challenges, these assistants should demonstrate resourcefulness. They can seek guidance within virtual assistant forums, leverage instructional YouTube tutorials, or delve into articles providing the required information.


Lying and being untrustworthy are not qualities of good virtual assistants. In a virtual work setting, honesty holds greater significance than before. It’s essential to ready yourself, as every online assistant is prone to occasional mistakes. However, what sets apart an adept virtual assistant is their willingness to openly communicate about any challenges or setbacks that emerge, potentially causing delays in task completion. While it may seem excessive, employing a screen and time monitoring system to oversee the progress of your virtual assistants and guarantee accurate work hours is a potential method of supervision. Nonetheless, this choice is subjective and hinges on the extent of trust vested in your virtual assistants.


Among the top 5 qualities of a good virtual assistant, multitasking should be one of them. They will likely to have multiple tasks to handle and they must be able to stay organized, keeps things moving forwards, and go back and forth with multiple clients with ease. Maintaining an effective timetable, understanding key priorities, and operating with high efficiency are essential factors for the success of a virtual personal assistant.


The most important thing for a virtual assistant to understand is that you never want your clients to see what is going behind the screen no matter how chaotic they are. Working well under pressure is one of the virtual assistant qualities should have. Regardless of how hectic the tasks and work may be, they should place an emphasis on making each client feel as though they are the number one priority. A VA should not only handle pressure but refrain from passing on negativity to a client even when there are instances may occur where there is a short turn-around time or higher workload than normal.


Staying on top of all of their task, even when a client may not are one of the qualities of a good virtual assistant. Rather than sitting on a certain task and wait for further instructions, a VA should possess the know-how to reach out during when things fall through the cracks on the clients’ end.


Virtual assistants contribute to business growth, no matter what business and market you are in. A good VA could not only help your business grow but to be a success as well. If you are an entrepreneur or handling a growing business, VA’s are your backbone in almost anything. They help you with marketing, analysis, shipping, product reviews and many more. They help you keep your business on the competitive stage even when you are busy with your daily life. You would always need help and VA’s are the solution to your managing problems.

Here are the 5 Social Media Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

If your goal is to swiftly connect with potential clients and expand your brand’s presence, immersing yourself in the realm of social media is strongly recommended. Employing a virtual assistant can readily handle all the essential tasks required for effective social media management.  With the many things you need to think about and do for your company everyday, handling many social media accounts may be a problem for you. This is where your virtual assistant can help you manage your social accounts and do all the needed tasks for you. In this post, we share the main social media duties you can outsource to a virtual assistant.

1. Community Engagement

It is important to promptly reply to comments and client inquiries, so having a virtual assistant is helpful in making sure that you are engaging with people across your different social media channels such as InstagramFacebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. Your virtual assistant is capable of filtering out and removing spam comments, as well as crossposting and resharing images, all while ensuring strong user engagement.

2. Content Writing

One key aspect in social media that you have to consider is content writing. Having someone who is an expert in social media content writing, who can create fresh and new content weekly can be a huge time saver for you and your business. This is also a great way to share ideas to your followers by writing relative and useful content for the people to enjoy.

3. Content Creation

You can rely on your virtual assistant to create beautiful posts and images across your social media accounts and ultimately build a good social media presence for your brand. You don’t need to think about creating attention-grabbing and visually appealing posts as someone else has the know-how and even expertise in creating images relevant to your brand and vision.

4. Calendar Management + Scheduling

Another important aspect of social media is timing. Aside from create beautiful images for posting, it is also important to know when to actually post them so they are seen by target audiences at the right time. Scheduling posts is crucial in building a good social media presence so people can discover your posts easily. Planning monthly editorial calendars and scheduling posts are also some of the tasks you can hand over to your virtual assistant.

5. Social Analytics

Your social media virtual assistant can also help you check how well and effective your content is and can help you analyze content analytics to make sure your posts are actually driving traffic. Your virtual assistant can create and explain reports for the different content and can advise you which type of content is working or not. This can help you strategize new ways to increase engagement, build brand awareness, and ultimately achieve brand goals.

Social Media Virtual Assistance from ProcessCorp

There can be more social media tasks you can hand over to a virtual assistant, but these ones can be a good start. Don’t hesitate to hire a remote virtual assistants to help you out with social media management. Here in ProcessCorp, our VAs have the skilled expertise in handling your social accounts and helping you reach your goals. Contact us here to get your own virtual assistant!