Outsourcing or Offshoring is a great option if you want to cut costs, improve efficiency and focus more on your core business. However, not all countries are capable of doing outsourcing work successfully. Offshoring is more than just cost savings. Rather it includes education levels, culture, economic climate, work ethic and other issues that you have to deal with.

We believe that the Philippines is the best location to oursource your business. If you’re not yet convinced, here are a few reasons why:

You get amazing value for money

The first reason people get to think of when outsourcing is that they could not afford additional staff for their company, as cost of labor is prohibitively high. With offshoring, you can scale faster, cut costs and boost profits. In the Philippines, it’s far less than what it costs in Australia, the US or Europe. That means you can pay someone a good wage for much less than you’d need to pay at home – up to 70% less, in fact.

They’re easy to talk to

It is important to have good communication when integrating an offshore team, and the fewer language barriers, the better. Fortunately, you’ll find your Filipino team members easy to talk to. The Philippines is the third-largest English speaking country in the world. Aside from their local language, Filipino or Tagalog, they speak English very fluenty too. And unlike other popular offshoring destinations, the Filipino accent sounds familiar and is easy to understand, which explains why call centers are so popular in the Philippines.

They work hard

If you’ve had bad experiences with outsourcing in the past, you might be worried about getting taken advantage of by your remote team. After all, you can’t see them and you’re not physically there to make sure the work is getting done. But that’s not an issue in Filipino offshore teams, especially with good management. Filipinos are renowned for their amazing work ethic and are eager to demonstrate their productivity. They’ll at least match, if not exceed your onshore team’s dedication.

They’re experienced

The Philippines has been a top offshoring destination since the early 2000s, although its first contact center which was established back in 1992. According to surveys by the Philippine Statistics Authority, Business Process Management (BPM), this sector alone employed 449,964 people in 2013 (and this is just one offshore sector). So it’s safe to say, they know what they’re doing when it comes to working with overseas companies.